Getting Badges to Update on GitHub Pages

Published at July 6, 2021 ·  11 min read

A while back I was looking for a solution that would give me a better picture when it came to deployments and releases then what I was getting from Jenkins. Jenkins may be the most popular CI build orchestrator in the world but lacks in the area of deployments. There are different needs when it comes to deployments and releases that are quite different then what you want from a CI tool....

Posting a Release on an Asana Calendar

Published at March 21, 2021 ·  9 min read

One thing that I like to do is to have a Calendar that shows all the versions that I have released to Production. I don’t have a whole lot of programs that I maintain but there is enough of a variety that I do switch around to the various bug fixes and new features and it would be really cool to see them all on a Single Calendar. This way I can be sure that features and fixes are getting out there and my stakeholders can also be aware of this information....

Publishing a PowerBI Report to an Azure DevOps Dashboard

Published at April 15, 2020 ·  4 min read

I have been working with Power-BI lately using data from my Azure DevOps Service. There are provided for us a number of pre build views that you can use in both the Cloud and the on premise version of Azure DevOps Server Update 1 and higher. But what really got me going was a set of templates that are available in the Marketplace called FlowViz. Basically when you install this extension if gives you two Power BI templates, one for Scum and one for Agile....