Linking the Iterations to all your Teams

Published at March 2, 2018 ·  8 min read

I am sure that there are several development teams out there that work similar to me. I am a big fan of the one TFS Project to rule them all and then using teams to separate the work. In my case I am working on my own but support several products, so I have a team for each of the products even though I am pretty much the only member on all those teams....

My New 3 Rules for Releases

Published at September 23, 2016 ·  9 min read

Everyone of my products have an automated build and a properly managed release pipeline. At the time I just thought business as usual as I was always on my way to having a well performing DevOps operation in my personal development efforts. Well something happened in the way that I started approaching things which you don’t really plan, things will just start to happen when you get into a situation where everything is automated or at least they should and that is what this post is about....

How I Use Chocolatey in my Releases

Published at June 10, 2016 ·  13 min read

I have been using Chocolatey for a while as an ultra easy way to install software. It has become the prefered way to install tools and utilities from the open source community. Recently I have started to explore this technology in more depth just to learn more about Chocolatey and found some really great uses for it that I did not expect to find. This post is about that adventure and how and what I use Chocolatey for....