When is Waterfall a Good Choice

Published at April 19, 2017 ·  7 min read

In my work as an ALM consultant I will often be asked the question or told that a team can’t go and practice agile they have to do waterfall. I think they are looking at this in the wrong way. One of the things to think about in waterfall versus agile is what these two methodologies are really all about. Is waterfall really all that bad? The answer to that question is: No, waterfall is actually a great methodology and a great pattern that has worked for some projects....

Database Schema Compare where Visual Studio goes that extra mile

Published at January 27, 2011 ·  7 min read

There are a number of good database tools out there for doing database schema comparisons. I have used different ones over the years at first initially to help me write SQL differencing scripts that I could use when deploying database changes. If your background is anything like mine where you were namely a Visual Basic or a C# developer and could get by with working on SQL if you could write directly to the database....