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Easy Configuration Updates During Deployment

Published at October 24, 2019 ·  10 min read

In a proper CI/CD setup where we are building once and deploying that build to various environments as it travels down the pipeline towards production there is almost always a set of configuration files that are different for each environment. Over the years there have been a number of different techniques that have been used to manage this like never deploying the web.config file during a website deployment or storing the various configurations and copy them to their locations at the time of deployment....

Teams (SubTeams) and Area Paths

Published at March 22, 2019 ·  9 min read

Back in around the 2012 release of TFS (now known as Azure DevOps) we were introduced to the concept of Teams. This was a logical breakdown of a single project that typically could represent an organization or at least a division. I come from the camp of one collection and one project as this gives you the most value and best experience and even though the product has evolved to be even more flexible then it has I think this is still the best approach to take today....